N95 masks are special protective masks that are used to protect the wearer from contaminated, harmful air droplets and liquid which can contaminate your face. The ‘N95‘ name means it can block approximately 95 percent of harmful air particles and viruses  from entering your body via nose and mouth.

                      Now a days using masks has become very essential for all people. As it is our responsibility to wear masks to be aware of polluted air and viruses. Now there is a Carona Virus (Covid-19) panademic wearing of mask is compulsary.

                                World Health Organisation (WHO) also saying to wear well protected masks called N95 masks to protect from Viral polluted air. These masks are designed with layers to protect from polluted air.

                            As Carona Virus (covid-19) Has become airborne wearing of masks protects from the polluted air. There is a huge demand for N95 masks and Price also increasing day by day. Price has increased thrice the price before this carona panademic. We  akshayaa saii group are the distributers of N95 masks at reasonable prices.


These masks are fitted tightlyThese masks are fitted loosely
The edges of this mask is designed to fit around the nose and mouth like a seal.The edges of this mask is not designed to fit around the nose and mouth like a seal.
It protects you from inhaling 95% of particulate matter including small & large particles.It does not provide reliable level of respiratory protection and does not protect from smaller particles.
It can be used until it gets damaged, dirty or becomes wet and if you are unable to breath effectivelyIt should be discarded after a single use.
When the mask is properly fitted, minimum leakage may occur around the edges
Leakage may occur around the edges while inhaling in this mask.
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