D-LINK NWR-2U-5540-GR-DVR 2U DVR Rack Bottom Openable


  • Conforms to DIN 41494 OR equivalent ISO Standards
  • Adjustable 19” equipment mounting verticals provide better mounting flexibility and maximizes the usable mounting space
  • Depth adjustable mounting slots
  • Precision engineering capabilities and best efficient software configuration product technology provide the best product quality and fastest delivery in the industry
  • Top and bottom Panel with ventilation and cable entry facility
  • Provision to mount cooling fans on the top panel
  • Powder-coated finish with pretreatment process meeting all industry standards
  • Grounding and Bonding Options. 100% assured compatibility with all equipment conforming to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipment)
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Shri Akshayaa Saii Group is the Best CCTV Camera Dealers in Hyderabad, Telangana. We supply D-LINK NWR-2U-5540-GR-DVR NVR for DVR Rack. We are Dealing with Popular CCTV Camera Brands like CP-PLUS, D-LINK, HIKVISION, I Ball Guard. We supply all types of CCTV cameras like wireless CCTV cameras, HD CCTV cameras, Button cameras, IP cameras, dome cameras. We have high skilled Technical Team for CCTV camera Installation & Service in Hyderabad.


  • In case of an event, DVR is the Most Important Component in your CCTV Setup as it stores the invaluable Data, safeguard your DVR with DLink 2U Wall-Mount Enclosure.
  • It is provided with a special bottom openable feature with Lock & Key for ease of Service as the BNC Connectors in the DVR are connected at the rear of the DVR making it difficult to access DVR in a Wall-mount DVR,
  • Therefore it has always been a challenge servicing the NVR FOR DVR for any add, move changes forcing the installers to either leave extra cable inside the Wallmount Enclosure.
  • So that the DVR can be pulled out for Service or else DVR is kept SIDE ON so that it can be serviced from 1 side through the front door.
  • NVR FOR DVR Enclosures are fabricated out of CRCA steel, CNC programmed, punched, bent, welded and powder coated with the highest quality standards with lock & key for the safety.

Configuration for standard Enclosures are:

  • Welded frame integrated with sidewalls and vented top cover with fan mounting provision, the rear side of the Enclosure having wall mounting provision, front glass door with lock & Key and Bottom openable feature for ease of access &
    Service of the DVR.




  • 2U Bottom Openable Wall Mount Enclosure
  • Designed Exclusively for CCTV DVR stoarge& Safety
  • Special bottom openable feature with Lock & Key for ease of service
  • Front Glass Door ( Tinted, Toughened, with Lock & Key)
  • 2 Pairs of 19″ Mounting Rails with U-Marking
  • Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent ISO standards
  • Depth Adjustable mounting slots
  • Top & Bottom panel with Ventilation and cable entry facility


Parameters Details
Construction Welded Frame
Front Door   Lockable Toughened Glass Door
Basic Frame Steel
Equipment Mounting Standard Slots
Mounting Angle 19” Mounting angles made of formed steel
Standard Finish Powder Coated
Top and Bottom Cover Welded to Frame, Vented and Field Cable entry-exit cutouts
Standard Color Grey
Static Load 20 Kgs.
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