Best Power Supply For CCTV Camera


Best power supply for CCTV and DVRs:-

Shri Akshaya saii group are the best dealers of CCTV camera products. Accord power supply is designed to provide all the power requirements of CCTV and DVR’s. These power supplies are designed to operate for wide AC input range of 100-300VAC to withstand the Indian power conditions. They are designed with high-frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable, cost-effective, and compact in size and light in weight. As we provide the best power supply for CCTV and DVR’s which are very effective and highly reliable. Accord power supplies are the best power supplies for CCTV cameras and at low of cost.

Salient Features :

1. Power supply protects from Over Load, Short Circuit, Over Voltage and Over temperature from being damaged.
2. Surge Protection up to 4KV.
3. This power supply is very less weight, Compact size, and Innovative Design.
4. Designed to meet all the EMI/EMC and Safety Requirements.
5. Power Cable Compensation Switch for Normal/Long and Extra-Long
6. This is a BIS Approved Product.


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